Mini Ministries, Part II

flowers“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” Galatians 6:9

Bjorn had given me a dozen candy roses for Valentine’s Day but as I could not possibly eat them all, and I definitely did not want Journie eating them all, we decided to give them away to brighten people’s day (don’t worry, the candy is good until March 24).

Journie and I wrote encouraging messages (she drew the hearts) and we attached them to the flowers. Taking a cue from last time, I laid down a few ground rules for myself:

  1. We had to be quick—the service project had to be completed in 30 minutes;
  2. We had to be brave—no waiting for eye contact first;
  3. We had to be decisive—no dithering on whether or not the person looked like they “needed” one. If we saw someone, we gave it.

Journie held the flowers and I handed most of them out, but eventually Journie even gave out a few herself. I mostly let her pick who received a flower. Every time we handed out a flower, I said, “Have a nice day!”

Everyone looked surprised; most them said thank you. One elderly lady looked confused and at first refused to take the flower offered to her. I think she thought we were trying to sell her something. But I kept holding it out to her and said, “Have a nice day.” Her companion finally persuaded her to take it.

Only one man refused a flower. He had been walking behind us. We stopped, turned around and I held one out to him, but he barely glanced down and kept walking.

We only made it a few steps inside our local mall before we ran out of flowers. I checked the time when we came back home and we had finished our service project in exactly 30 minutes.

We didn’t spend very much time with any one person, except maybe our neighbor, who happened to be the first person to whom we gave a flower. He asked, “Why are you doing this?”

“Random act of kindness,” I said.

He laughed and said that he’d probably give the flower to his girlfriend.

“Yeah!” I said. “Pass it on!”

Mission accomplished. 🙂

Speaking of mini ministries—you should see what my friend is up to! Urban Mini Ministries on YouTube


4 thoughts on “Mini Ministries, Part II

  1. Great ministries ideas and it is a good way of teaching Journie to be involved.Shared joy is double joy. May God bless your efforts.

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