She’s here!


My sister enjoys mangoes and sticky rice at Terminal 21, a mall in Bangkok.

My sister, I mean. Not the baby. 🙂

You know who ISN’T here: my doctor. Last Thursday, the day my sister arrived, my doctor left for a 5-day conference to Japan. She comes back tomorrow. As Journie has been a very courteous baby so far, waiting for everyone on her delivery team to arrive (collectively known as Farmor and Auntie), I suspect she may be graciously hanging out in my womb for her doctor, too.

Or it may be that she’s just a very punctual baby. Today marks the last day of my 39th week of pregnancy. Tomorrow I will have reached the grand milestone of 40 weeks, full-term “for reals,” otherwise known as — drum roll, please — !Baby’s Actual Due Date!

Of course, everything I read tells me that babies rarely, if ever, make an appearance on their expected due date. And I really haven’t been sweating it, although I have been getting pressure from the delivery team as they would like to actually see the baby before they have to depart for home again. Plus, from all accounts, induced labor is probably something I want to avoid.

Still, the time has not been spent idly. My pregnancy symptoms seem to have ratcheted up a notch this week: I’m experiencing more hot flashes, more back pain (although they have been dull and not that extreme), more sciatica nerve pain (it’s been shooting down the outside of my left thigh). Sometimes the skin on my stomach seems unbelievably tight and the pelvic pressure is increasing to the point that when I get up after lying down, I stagger a bit.

Today also marked the return of diarrhea, although it could be due to the diligent efforts of my delivery team to stuff me full of fruit (especially pineapples as they are said to induce labor) and whole grains, while keeping me on the move walking or exercising all other moments when I am not stuffing my face.

We also made time for excursions. To the malls, of course, because hey, it’s Bangkok. And finally, for me at least, to a floating market.

Afloat in a boat...

Afloat in a boat…

Last Sunday we made our way to the Taling Chan Floating Market. Vendors operate out of boats docked next to pavilions built over the water. Customers lean over the railing to order from their chosen vendors, who then proceed to cook up and serve their wares straight from the boat. I thought, however, that there seemed to be more vendors on the dry land (there’s a farmer’s market set up outside the floating market).

Tours were available of the canals in the area, and yes, I actually got in a boat. Houses lined the canals and it looked just like any other Thai neighborhood, except the streets were watery. Oh, and monitor lizards swam in them. And I was deathly afraid of water splashing into my mouth (a real possibility as people at the floating markets tend to stand on the sides to feed the seemingly hundreds of fish, which surge around in a frenzy of flapping fins.)

Besides eating, exercising and excursioning (I’m growing the language), we have of course spent our time predicting when the baby will arrive. Bjorn says her due date; I say the 29th. My sister thought it would be last Friday. Her Farmor hasn’t hazarded a guess, but I suspect that she would have preferred to be cuddling a baby by now.

We also spent some time imagining what the baby would look like (oh all right, I made them do it.) Whose versions is closest? Only time will tell — but hopefully sooner rather than later. journie bjornJournie Inger Journie JammieJournie Jofe

5 thoughts on “She’s here!

  1. Look how far you’ve come Jammie! You made it to your due date :). The diarrhea may just be a sign that her arrival is imminent. You weren’t scared of going into labor out on the floating market? I have a trip to the statue of liberty scheduled at my 37 week point. We’ll see how that goes. P.S. I would love to be having some mango and sticky rice at Terminal 21 right now.

    • You know, I didn’t think about going into labor. I was more worried about how I was going to get into the boat without falling into the water. 🙂 I just figured with my delivery team around me, I should be OK. 😀 And the mango and sticky rice are waiting for you. We’d love to see you again!!!

  2. I am glad you did not reveal who drew which picture as my artistic talents are zero. Journie who did in fact appear on 29 July looks much better than any of our guesses.

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